[NEW] හරියටම බටර් කේක් හදමු | Perfect Butter Cake Recipe 2020

හරියටම බටර් කේක් හදමු | Perfect Butter Cake Recipe

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හරියටම බටර් කේක් හදමු
Perfect Butter Cake Recipe

Traditional, rich, soft and fluffy butter cake. This is the best butter cake recipe. This easy recipe yields sweet and buttery cake with simple ingredients!


all purpose flour 250g
2 teaspoon baking powder
Butter, at room temperature 250g
Sugar 250g
4 large eggs, Separate Egg Yolks and Egg Whites
Milk 40 ml
2 teaspoon vanilla essence

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  1. Fathima Reema says:

    Akki,i want to try this recipe today…My oven brand is national..If we want to heat both up and down,Whn we heat the oven for 220 or more than that only,both the bar changes to red colour..othrwse it dsn't chnge the colour…So as u said to bake in 180c,if we on both up and down,without the bars turning red,will it bake?

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