[NEW] HOW TO MAKE A BABY YODA CAKE | Star Wars Mandalorian 2020

HOW TO MAKE A BABY YODA CAKE | Star Wars Mandalorian

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Gelatin Tutorial 👉

Baby Yoda CAKE! This little guy is a new character in THE MANDALORIAN made with modeling chocolate and gelatin eyes (no fondant)

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46 thoughts on “[NEW] HOW TO MAKE A BABY YODA CAKE | Star Wars Mandalorian 2020

  1. seth garza says:

    THIS IS SOOOO AMAZING by far the best baby yoda cake i've seen yet, and he was adoorable hahahaha. I am going to be recreating this cake with a few artistic personalized details that ive come up with, for season 2 of the mandalorian release in late october, but im so thankful for this tutorial and cant wait to see if my cake turns out half as good as yours!!!!!

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