[NEW] Red velvet cake with cream cheese ||how to make red velvet cake||best red velvet cake 2020

Red velvet cake with cream cheese ||how to make red velvet cake||best red velvet cake

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A.O.A my name is Maria and channel name is cook and eat with Maria.well to my youtube channel .welcome to my youtube channel all my lovely Subscribers and friends…I hope u guys absolutely fine.
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Today I m going to make red velvet cake its yummy easy and soft and by the way red velvet cake is the queen of all layer cake .its fluffy, soft, buttery and moist with the perfect velvet texture so let’s start amazing recipe.
Ingredients for cake
White flour 2 1/2 cup
Sugar 2cup
Oil 1 cup
Coco powder 3tbsp
Egg 2
Cooking oil 1cup
Vinegar 2tbsp
Vanilla essence 2tbsp
Red food colour 1tbsp
Butter milk 1 1/2 cup
Ingredients for frosting
Cream cheese 200grms
Butter 200grms
Sugar 2cup
Vanilla essence 1tsp

I hope u guys like my recipe if u enjoy it please let me know in comment box.
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My channel is all about cooking and of course eating i try my level best to bring easy recipes for u tak k ap ghar mein un ko easily bana sakhtey sath he sath I ll try to make quick and yummy recipe for all my lovely Subscribers.the purpose of making this channel was to take my cooking passion forward aur yeh k ju mein ney learn kia wh ap logo tak pocha jaye merey cooking channel mein miley ga ap ko her tarah ziaqa hum mil ge baney ge tarah tarah k pukwan aur ap sajaye ge apney dastarkhwan ko merey sath mein try karo gi ap ki manpasend recipe ko share karo ap k sath inshallah

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