[NEW] Face Painting – How to make a Rainbow Cake 2020

Face Painting – How to make a Rainbow Cake

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Here’s a quick tutorial on how I make miniture rainbow cakes. These are super fun to make and I have tons of them! The paints you see featured here are ones I use to refill my appetizer pallet, so it already has chunks missing, but you can use this process on any cakes you have.
These cakes were also softened with water before hand. I just sprayed them lightly with water and let them absorb over night. This helps the paint not be so crumby. This doesn’t work for metalic colors however, sorry. You just have to deal with the crumbly texture of metallic colors.

32 ml cake in whatever colors you want
here I am using Diamond FX Neon colors – yellow, red, orange, blue, purple, green
( their neon range is a bit more transparent than the regular colors so keep that in mind when you are picking colors )
Razor blade
Square container for the rainbow cake
( I got these at hobby lobby for $1.99 for 10, they come stacked together )
how to make a cake

24 thoughts on “[NEW] Face Painting – How to make a Rainbow Cake 2020

  1. JestPaint says:

    Hi! I make my own, and I also sell already made ones by Diamond FX at my online store,JestPaint com. Sometimes it is nice to just have them sent to you in the mail! You did a really nice job here! The razor blade (versus a knife) seems to have done very little damage to the cake, so they came out crisp!

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