[NEW] How To Make A Rose Gold Glitter Cake | Tutorial | Cherry Basics 2020

How To Make A Rose Gold Glitter Cake | Tutorial | Cherry Basics

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Hi! Rose gold has been a strong trend for quite some time now, and it’s still not going anywhere! See how we create this rose gold glitter. And if you liked the whole cake, you can find a tutorial for it here! :

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Couture Paste:
Icing Sugar Shaker:
Acupuncture Needles:
Rolling Pin:
Flexi Smoother:
Flat Paintbrush:
Piping Gel:
Callebaut Dark Chocolate:
Rainbow Dust Metallic Ginger Glow:
White Glitter Squares:
Glaze Spray:

Or to see my frequently used tools all in one place:

Rose Gold and Marble Tutorial:

How to make ganache:
How to cover a cake:
How to cover the board:


Instagram (Cake):
Instagram (Vlog):


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30 thoughts on “[NEW] How To Make A Rose Gold Glitter Cake | Tutorial | Cherry Basics 2020

  1. Paula Patterson says:

    Gorgeous cake. So many tips. Thanks for sharing exact brands and colours, it makes ordering so much easier. Would never of thought of melting piping gel in the microwave or using dust to colour glitter. Tracey you blow my mind girl 😂😂😂 And after asking you for tips on painting as I didn’t have an airbrush, my mum asked me today if I wanted one for birthday/Xmas! How cool is that. Any advice on which one to get? Thanks hun 🍒❤️ xxx

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