[NEW] How to cover a cake in buttercream and get smooth sides 2020

How to cover a cake in buttercream and get smooth sides

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Hi and welcome back to my kitchen. Now if you’re new to cake decorating or just looking for hints and tips for covering or frosting your cakes in buttercream and getting those smooth sides in this weeks video I show you how I prepare, fill and cover my cakes in buttercream ready to be decorated, or to use underneath a your fondant.

➡In this video I use an American buttercream recipe which you can find here:

➡Plus you will find my vanilla sponge cake recipe here:

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I really hope you enjoy the tutorial and will find it useful. Thank you so much for watching and don’t forget to subscribe for more cake decorating tutorials.

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➡Tools I have used in todays video:
Glass Cutting Board:
Turn Table:
Metal Scrapper Tool (small):
Offset spatula (small):
Piping bags:
Raspberry Colour Splash:

Plus find a full list of all my favourite tools and baking equipment here:

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45 thoughts on “[NEW] How to cover a cake in buttercream and get smooth sides 2020

  1. Laura H says:

    Thanks for this!! I struggle with scraping, I find after doing the crumb coat and the second layer, when I scrape the second layer it sort of sticks and drags the buttercream, it doesn’t glide. I’ve got a metal scraper but still…any tips? Xx

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