[NEW] Plastic Birthday Cake / Stop Motion Cooking 2020

Plastic Birthday Cake / Stop Motion Cooking

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Who’s da birthday girl? Leeet’s goo! It’s time to make a birthday cake!

But first we need to wash our hands! Oops… Water with nails! Strange! Fix this. That’s it, now I’m ready for new achievements! Start cooking! We get eggs from the brick. It’s not easy! But it is possible!

Break the eggs and get a stunning shine! Mix it with cement! What about the filling?
We use nails, chalk, and dice for this purpose! Also for the filling we will fit headphones and sharpeners! It’s time to decorate our cake with shaving foam. Wow, this is so cool! And don ‘t forget about the candle! Done!

Have fun! And don’t take it too seriously, okay?

This is done for entertainment purposes. Please, don’t try to repeat this at home.

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