[NEW] We Try to Bake Mary Berry's TENNIS CAKE… (from The Great British Bake Off!!) 2020

We Try to Bake Mary Berry's TENNIS CAKE… (from The Great British Bake Off!!)

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With so many sports events cancelled this year, we’ve decided to pay homage to one of our favourite annual events: Wimbledon. In this episode, Ben challenges Jamie and Barry to make Mary Berry’s famous Tennis Cake! Get ready for chaos, tennis puns and questionable outfit choices… But, will our resident chef, James, consider it a pass? Watch on to find out!

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24 thoughts on “[NEW] We Try to Bake Mary Berry's TENNIS CAKE… (from The Great British Bake Off!!) 2020

  1. Aaron Macy says:

    As a gay man, am I allowed to say that Ben looks like every 40yr old lesbian I’ve ever known? As soon as he put on the visor, I seriously thought Sorted nabbed Sandy Toksvig for this episode and she died her hair. He even sounds like her when he’s being uppity!

  2. Kazuzi3 says:

    6:34 Honestly, the left handed right handed thing is something I'm surprised doesn't come up more often in the videos. Maybe it's because I'm just so used to it at my house that it's odd to me that it doesn't happen to other people as often. My dad, who does most of the cooking, is left handed; my mom is right handed; I'm technically right handed, but use my left a lot when cooking just because Dad's' the one who taught me so everything was set up left handed. My friend came over the other day and we made dinner for my parents and she was extremely frustrated that the peeler is worn in a way that it only works when used left handed.

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