[NEW] Dani's Birthday Cake by Rihanna (Funk Jazz Class) 2020

Dani's Birthday Cake by Rihanna (Funk Jazz Class)

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Come and take dance classes in Makati with Limited Edition!!!

Our studio:
Studio Planet Jupiter
4th Floor Valdecon Bldg.
#20 Jupiter Street
Brgy. Bel-Air
Makati City

Monday, Wednesday and Friday 6pm-7pm

Tuesday, 5.30pm-6.30pm and Saturday 4pm-5pm

Saturday 5pm-6pm

Tuesday 6.30pm-8pm

Friday 7pm-8.30pm
Saturday 6pm-7.30pm

contact: 0922 415 1040 / 02 899 70 06



LIMITED EDITION is a dance group based in Switzerland. It is composed of members with different backgrounds, but a common interest in dance has brought them together, forming a group that would help them further develop their skills and pursue a great passion.

Apart from years of hard work and dedication, the group is also strengthened by experience and the privilege to be trained under the best teachers and choreographers and the pioneers of different dance styles in the world.

This and more prompted LE to establish the group across and beyond Europe. More importantly, their commitment to dancing as a creative and social pursuit has driven them to share their knowledge and skills and make a valuable contribution.

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