[NEW] 2 Easy Ways to Make Cake… Like a Chef 2020

2 Easy Ways to Make Cake… Like a Chef

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A simple cake recipe is one of those things that’s amazing to have up your sleeve if you need to whip up a last minute sweet treat for family or friends! In this episode, our resident Chef Ben talks us through two incredible recipes that’ll become your go-to formula every time: blueberry butterfly cupcakes and hibiscus lemon drizzle cake. You’re welcome.

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30 thoughts on “[NEW] 2 Easy Ways to Make Cake… Like a Chef 2020

  1. Kieorasama says:

    We can’t find double cream in the United States. Also, in the majority of the country, our heavy cream does not contain as much fat as yours does. California is the exception. As a baker, this has been a struggle! Seriously on the hunt for a cream equivalent to Petaluma clover brand! I’m in Washington btw!

  2. CoololShadow and EmillyShadow says:

    Im watching ben ,an actual chef using a spatula with the same reasoning i did, But my brother was judging me and told me its not efficient and that i should just use an electric mixer …;; He also once judged me for peeling and cutting potatoes before boiling them and said that proper chefs just boil the potatoes with the peel on –

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