[NEW] CAKE SURPRiSE PARTY with ADLEY!! Learning to make & decorate birthday cake with Dad 🧁 (Mom Hands) 2020

CAKE SURPRiSE PARTY with ADLEY!! Learning to make & decorate birthday cake with Dad 🧁 (Mom Hands)

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Surprising Nana with a fun cake decorated by me and dad 🎂


HEY EVERYBODY!! My dad and I have a special mission today!! Get Nana out of the house so we can throw her the best birthday ever!! We told her that we were going to be loud while filming a video so she needed to take Niko for a walk! We got her out of the house and then the process began!! We first had to bake her cake! She loves chocolate just like me so we decided to make her a chocolate cake! We followed the instructions, or as I like to call it “menu”, as best as we could! It did get a little messy but it was really fun! We then had to bake the cake and set up her decorations! We used a lot of colors, candy, and creativity when decorating! We got balloons and colorful frosting to make our kitchen look like a birthday party! We made the cake and now it was time for my favorite part! DECORATING! We had a lot of cool topping for the cake! A lot of icing to write on the cake, and a lot of different candies. Kit Kat’s, m&ms, toffee, chocolate kisses and eggs, Cadbury eggs, and chocolate pearls! After we made our cakes look perfect we then got Nana and Niko and bright them inside to surprise them with a party!! Happy Birthday nana!

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