[NEW] Specialty Birthday Kid Cakes 2020

Specialty Birthday Kid Cakes

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This video provided by demonstrates Specialty Birthday Kid Cakes that can be found on the Kraft Foods website.

Watch our Kraft Kitchens Expert demonstrate how you can be the hero of your child’s birthday party. Follow our simple Specialty Birthday Kid Cakes video and see how the Daisy Cake, Birthday Train Cake and Blast-Off Spaceship Cake will have them talking after the party. Remember, there are many other videos here and on the KraftFoods.com website. Bon appetit! Get this recipe here:
cake birthday

20 thoughts on “[NEW] Specialty Birthday Kid Cakes 2020

  1. Cassi Warren says:

    @mjfabrica What kids are you talking to? All the kids I know are going on and on about pokemon's 5th generation and how they can't wait for the black and white game to get in America…so I still stand by what I've said, kids like pokemon and will love it if you make them a pokemon cake. I'm not saying that's the only option in the world…really, kids will like cake because it's CAKE!

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