[NEW] The Husky Help Make a Cake! 2020

The Husky Help Make a Cake!

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So many Links in today’s video! Today the dogs and I worked all day long to make the One Million Subscriber Cake! I think in total this video took me over 17 hours to make! It was a tedious video . . . but it turned out amazing!
🏅One Million Cake Video:

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What is it like having Siberian Huskies and living in Northern Michigan? Join our Vlog Channel to find out! We go Camping, Trail Riding, Jeeping, Dog Sledding, and on many fun adventures! This is small town life as real as it gets! Our channel is a vlog channel with dogs, so basically a Dog Vlog! We are family vloggers but we are also dog vloggers! We believe that life is a journey! So if you are looking for a Dog Vlog, Family Vlog, Travel Vlog, and Adventure Vlog then Subscribe to our channel and join us for the ride!
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We Love you all! Thanks for watching, Thanks for subscribing, Stay Positive, Dream Big, and we will see you again soon!

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20 thoughts on “[NEW] The Husky Help Make a Cake! 2020

  1. Patricia Martin says:

    I love those dogs I miss my sister Max he was 15 and candy your bi last time I was only six I miss them so much but I am very happy that they moved back to Main and on the rest of their lives they was playing in snow a lot a black and white reminds me at Max have a great night and day

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