[NEW] Kings Cake (Cream Cheese Filling) 2020

Kings Cake (Cream Cheese Filling)

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Yummy good coma worthy food! Light weight bread cake pastry

In This Episode Genie B makes a delicious “KIngs Cake with Cream Cheese Filling”.

Trailer Park Cookin” with Genie B. Delishus is the cooking show that features easy-to-make, low-budget, scrumptious recipes that are right outta the Trailer Park. Now, this AINT no health food show! These recipes are down right greasy, loaded with salt, fattening, high-calorie, loaded with sugar, fun, creative recipes just like Grandma used to make.

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22 thoughts on “[NEW] Kings Cake (Cream Cheese Filling) 2020

  1. bruce lansing says:

    I like your recipes and you have a great sense of humor. I am however concerned about your pot with the Teflon scratched off. I hear it's not good to use them because of health concerns.I throw mine away if they do that.A new one is pretty cheap.I'm not meaning to be an A hole .

  2. AMStationEngineer says:

    This is your best recipe yet, fortunately, Fasnacht Day is Tuesday; I'll "lard up" then…..

    I didn't tell my dad, until the mid '80s, that "the thirty extra engine hours – over three years – on his Piper
    PA-23 Aztec" (76, 77, 78) were the result of my bagging school, and flying three friends to Meridian, MS, renting a car, with fake ID, driving to NOLA, staying at "The Thunderbird Hotel", walking to a fried chicken restaurant, which turned out to be "Willie Mae's Scotch House". I better shut up, my mom used the beads to decorate the Christmas tree….

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