[NEW] How to Put a Name on Baseball Cap Cake | Birthday Cakes 2020

How to Put a Name on Baseball Cap Cake | Birthday Cakes

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Planning your child’s birthday party? You don’t have to spend a fortune on a cake to make it memorable. In this video, part six of a six-part series, you’ll learn how to add a name to a baseball cap cake.

We’ve covered our baseball cap with fondant, we’ve given it some decorations, a button and a brim. And now we’re gonna give it a name, this case the birthdays boy’s name is TOM, so we’re gonna cut out some letters. And for that, there is this cool little set of alphabet letters, you can purchase that as well at any cake decorating or craft store… And…we’re gonna pull out the letters T-O-M. Now, the trick to doing this without them sticking to the cutters, is to just add a little bit of, corn starch and confection powder, we’re gonna just, dip it in there…every time you do a letter, that helps to release it, otherwise it would stick…And there we have our letters. Then you can add just a little bit of water, to the back, just to stick it on. We’re gonna do T…the letter O, and just a little bit of water. Too much water is gonna make the colors of your fondant run, especially when you’re doing, you know, black on white. Alright, there you have it…it’s a baseball cap for TOM. Happy Birthday
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