[NEW] 300 Pounds Vanilla Cake Making To Celebrate 3 Million Subscribers – Big & Beautiful Design Cake 2020

300 Pounds Vanilla Cake Making To Celebrate 3 Million Subscribers – Big & Beautiful Design Cake

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We are surprise it’s Three Million Subscribers of AroundMeBD channel so fast. We want to make some memory with whole village to celebrate this special 3 million member of this family. We make 300 pounds giant vanilla cake & cutting full member of AroundMeBD team and also Village Grandpa’s Cooking channel grandpa too.

This is big size cake and first time villager see this much big size cake and also this is three stories cake making to celebrate the day.

Our channel AroundMeBD means whole village people involve with it, some people eating food and some working to make/prepared the food and also cameraman are from village too. So we wanted to celebrate the day with full village people and team.

In this day we didn’t just offer cake for village people. Women also cook chicken kosha curry with delicious hodgepodge.

After finish making giant vanilla cake and some food for village people women cutting the cake with villagers and serve cake with delicious food to them.

This day was like big festival day for village people. Everyone join and enjoy the day like their own program. We really love them so much.

Thank you everyone who inspire us to make more video & hates our videos & who loves our videos.

We love everyone related with this channel

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We hope you enjoy the video. Thank you very much for watching our videos.
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