[NEW] Chocolate Cake in 5 minutes soo easy 2020

Chocolate Cake in 5 minutes soo easy

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you too can be eating this in 5 minutes Recipe:
5 Tbsp Caster Sugar,
3 1/2 Tbsp Self-Raising Flour,
2 1/2 Tbsp Cocoa,
1 Egg,
3 Tbsp Milk,
5 Tbsp Vegetable oil
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25 thoughts on “[NEW] Chocolate Cake in 5 minutes soo easy 2020

  1. Wanda Lee says:

    I didn't trust you had added enough chocolate so I upped the cocoa powder to 3T. and the oil to 1/2 T. Shouldn't have bothered, you had it right the first time. The batter was so thick I had to add another 2 T of milk to be able to spoon it into the mug ( i mix in my 4 cup pyrex measuring jug. I nuked it for 2:15, should have stayed at 2, but it wasn't overdone just a tad drier than I thought it should be. Would be awesome with ice cream. Thanx for the recipe, yours is the best so far 🙂

  2. Eun Kyung Park says:

    I've try 2 times already, it looks like steam cake to me, teaste not bad at all..i used 2 eggs 6 tablespoons of self rising flour, 2pkts of coco drinks powder, 4small pkts of raw sugar 4tablespoon of milk, 2tablespoon melted butter and teaspoon of vanilla essence and i mix them altogether put all the batter into 4 small cups… it does not rise,,, whats the poblem there?

  3. CiccioItalianCafe says:

    1 Tbsp or Tablespoon = 3 tsp or teaspoons
    a Tablesppon is an actual measurement if you don't have a tablespoon measurement you can either use the teasppon to measure or else it is also
    1 Tbso or Tablespoon = 15ml
    you will also have to check that you are using self raising flour as normal flour will not rise

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