[NEW] Giant Birthday Cake vs. Giant Boulder | WE BUILD IT WE BREAK IT 2020

Giant Birthday Cake vs. Giant Boulder | WE BUILD IT WE BREAK IT

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On today’s episode Kaiden and Brody build a Giant Birthday Cake while Izzy and Steven build a Huge Boulder to destroy it!

→ Credits ←
Izzy Newman
Kaiden Chapman
Brody Allen
Steven Thomas

Cake Creation by Heather Wong

Directed by
Shane Spiegel & Justin Reager

Written by
Dan Siegel

Executive Producer
Judy Meyers

Jacob Rosenthal
Dan Siegel

Will Sampson

First Assistant Director
Holly Pearson

Second Assistant Director
Lily Ziegler

Production Coordinator
Lindsay Monday

Studio Teacher
Macy Brooks
Bettina Russo

Michael Felker

Costume Designer
Laura Ortiz

Hair and Makeup
Katie Vernon

Production Designer
Ariel Vida
Hannah Hurney-Espinoza

Art Director
Kati Simon

Joe Holliday

Set Decorater
Abigail Sanford

Art Assistant
Clara Diez

Joe Baltazar

Key Grip
Tony Villa

Camera Operator
Andrew Penczner
Lexa Payne

First Assistant Camera
Hunter Truman
Victor Ingles

Ryan Murphy

Phantom Operator
Nicholas Savander

Sound Mixer
Ian Wellman

Boom Operator
Roger Kean

Production Assistant
Sam Vargas
Kalisa Steffens

Post Supervisor
Drew Hamilton

Assistant Editor
Ryan Murphy

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