[NEW] Fondant Birthday Cake!! 2020

Fondant Birthday Cake!!

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This is a two tier birthday cake for a friend of mine at work. The bottom is 2 8″ chocolate cakes with a vanilla buttercrean icing and the top tier is 2 6″ french vanilla cakes with a lemon filling and vanilla buttercream onthe outside. The outside is marshmallow fondant. I saw this cake on youtube and thought of my friend Cathy at work and I was asked to do the cake and I immediately thought of this cake. I dont want to take credit for the design because I have seen this cake on youtube and on cake central. I made the mistake of putting the cake in the freezer and then when it came out it began to sweat and the fondant started to get very sticky and then the cake started to sink.
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8 thoughts on “[NEW] Fondant Birthday Cake!! 2020

  1. Shelenator says:

    looks really clean, I like it! i agree the bow is wonderful. I don't think that the wilton fondant tastes very good either.. i've heard that satin ice tastes pretty good I'm going to try it. did you just cut the zebra stripes out by hand or di dyou have a template?

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