[NEW] OREO COOKIE LOG CAKE (Chocolate Wafer Cake) 2020

OREO COOKIE LOG CAKE (Chocolate Wafer Cake)

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This ultra simple dessert recipe has only 3 ingredients, and the end result tastes like Oreo Cookie surrounded by rich and delicious whipped cream! For the full recipe visit:

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10 thoughts on “[NEW] OREO COOKIE LOG CAKE (Chocolate Wafer Cake) 2020

  1. Opal Rhue says:

    For everyone complaining about cool whip vs. whipping cream …make your own whipping cream! Take what you like, leave what you don’t! You guys are like my four year old!

    Thank you for this video! I’m a mom of a new baby operating on no sleep and NO I don’t want to make whipping cream! I appreciate the simplicity of this. 👍🏾💕

  2. jamison4133 says:

    my family has made this for decades. Whip cream with vanilla and sugar (no cool whip). The diagonal effect is from the diagonal cut which must be done or you loose the entire effect. Grated dark chocolate is awesome. So too is adding a bit of rum to the whip cream. I have never put in the fridge for 24 hours. I make in the morning and serve in the evening – 4 hour minimum. i really liked the suggestion of making a layer of whip cream as a base to rest the cookie formations on. I will try that next time, thanks.

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