[NEW] College Graduation Book Cake 2020

College Graduation Book Cake

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This is a cake I made for my son who graduated from college last Friday. I debated making the cake due to the three and a half hour travel time. I decided to make the cake at the last minute which made me extremely nervous. I took my chances and boy did it pay off. My son was “floored” when he saw the cake! We took the cake to the restaurant where we had the graduation dinner and the hostess, waiters and waitresses could not believe it was cake! Our waiter was “drooling” and wanted a piece of cake. We also gave a waitress a slice. They both raved about it! What an amazing night for all of us!

The cake is chocolate with swiss meringue buttercream filling. I used a 9 1/2″ by 13″ pan to make the cakes ( I baked two batches). I trimmed the cakes to the size I wanted. I don’t recall how big they ended up being.

We all enjoyed the cake and the last minute decision to make the cake was totallly worth the long, stressful drive. I will make another book cake when I have time. I made a few mistakes but overall, I thought the presentation was what I wanted. My son and everyone else loved the end result and that is what matters to me.

P.S. I learned how to make this from a Sharon Zambito dvd called Book Smarts. It’s a fantastic video! Thanks Sharon!!
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