[NEW] Birthday cake recipe: How to make a Peppa Pig birthday cake 2020

Birthday cake recipe: How to make a Peppa Pig birthday cake

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This Peppa Pig birthday cake is easier than it looks. Here are a few simple cake decorating tips and tricks so you can create this Peppa Pig cake all by yourself.

Creating Peppa.

• Start with what’s called a sheet or naked cake. This is just a basic butter or chocolate cake. Packet or shop bought cakes are fine also or use our recipe. But it does need to be at least 4cm high, 30cm long and 24cm approx. wide. Hint: bake in a lasagne pan and use double the mix.
• If the cake has a domed top, trim it. Trimming the excess off is important. This is easier when the cake has been refrigerated. Here’s how:
o Use a ruler to measure where you wish to cut.
o Put toothpicks in (see below) at this marking around the circumference of the cake.
o Gently put your serrated knife in at the height of the toothpicks and gradually work your way around the cake.
o Lift off the top you have just cut off and turn the cake over. This is now the top of your cake.
• Attach your cut out design with toothpicks just like the picture below. Ensure you cut straight down, not at an angle.
• Pop the cake pieces back into the fridge for 10 minutes.

Now for the fun part…

• Want to know the secret of cake decorators? Tools. They all have a few basic tools that are in constant use, e.g. a palette knife. It the secret to getting smooth icing.
• You need to ‘glue’ the cake to the board. Put a dollop of icing on your board and put the cake with the top side up.
• Next, it’s time to apply a thin layer of icing to your cake. This layer is called the crumb coat. And it will save you hours. Using a palette knife, smooth the crumb coat all over the cake.
• Put the cake into the fridge until the icing is hard. This will ensure any crumbs and mess are covered up and the final coat is clean.
• Next, make two batches of buttercream. One pink and one red. Use Wilton’s tubes of coloured icing for the rest of the details.
• Now you need to mark on the cake the line for Peppa’s head and dress. Then use your palette knife to apply the correct coloured buttercream to where you need it. You should just have a pink head and a darker pink / red skirt.
• Dip your palette knife in boiling water. Dry off and run it over the icing to give you a smooth finish. Repeat until you achieve the result you love.
• Using a toothpick gently draw in the lines of the snout, mouth, eyes and cheeks etc.
• Place some of your Wiltons icing in your icing bag and with the narrow open tip, start piping the icing that forms the lines of the snout, arms, smile etc. Practice on your bench top first.
• All done. You’ve created a masterpiece.

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Where do I buy everything?

The stores that have the tools include Woolworths, Coles, Target, and Spotlight.
Food: Coles and Woolworths and Bakeries.
Icing and gels: Woolworths, Coles, Spotlight and all good cake decorating stores.
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