[NEW] Birthday Cake – Rotting Food Timelapse 2020

Birthday Cake – Rotting Food Timelapse

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Timelapse photography of a birthday cake rotting over a span of 30 days, available as 4K timelapse footage video at
cake birthday
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49 thoughts on “[NEW] Birthday Cake – Rotting Food Timelapse 2020

  1. Samaël Onwheels says:

    Gacha Episode transcript:

    Yuni: What are you searching on YouTube?
    Lemo: a cake rotting.
    Yuni: 0:16
    Lado: WTF is wrong with you?
    Lado: are you watching p0rn?
    Lemo: no it's cake rotting.
    Lado: I better tell senpaibuns that Lemo and Yuni are watching p0rn.
    Lado: SENPAIBUNS!!!
    Senpaibuns: What?!
    Lado: watch ASMR or something.
    50 minutes later
    Yuni: Let me…. Pat!!!! Who is she?
    Pat: this is my girlfriend Rebecca.
    Yuni: 😠 I'm done with you.

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