[NEW] Baby Gorilla Gladys gets 1st Birthday Cake – Cincinnati Zoo 2020

Baby Gorilla Gladys gets 1st Birthday Cake – Cincinnati Zoo

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“Gladys,” the baby Western-Lowland gorilla who captured America’s heart last February, after keepers at the Cincinnati Zoo had to step in and hand-raise her, turns one today! To celebrate, keepers created a gorilla birthday cake — and Gladys responded the way most one-year-olds do — face first!





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28 thoughts on “[NEW] Baby Gorilla Gladys gets 1st Birthday Cake – Cincinnati Zoo 2020

  1. Gia West says:

    They all are so cute and adorable but now how are you guys going to wipe all the cake off of their faces….lol…. A warm face cloth would be relaxing after a nice treat. Happy birthday to the little one..Thank for sharing such and enjoyable moment…..

  2. GonG108 says:

    o.k. you are not a film maker so i understand why the video was not that good , tell Glady that he is awesome and i love him , tickle him and give him a big hug from me and don´t forget to groom him ( and if he likes to give him a warm relaxing shower , i know they enjoy the water running down their back ( i saw my buddy monkey boo totally stoned from the shower ) .
    maybe you can give a hint what i can send him for his birthday , he loves pistachios and berries but what can i build for him to be sure that he will have fun discovering it . thank you and good luck , keep on the good work

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