[NEW] How to make a Vegan Cake 2020

How to make a Vegan Cake

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Wassap hotties! I go by my birth name now: Mina Oh. During my international travels, I ate meat *GASP* and stopped making content for this channel. I still love vegan food and have a plant-based diet, but am an omnivore. Feel free to follow me on my other YouTube channel dedicated to Korean language, culture and travel! All my social media links are down below:

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47 thoughts on “[NEW] How to make a Vegan Cake 2020

  1. Nima Cakes says:

    ^^ She's not allergic, she chose to stop eating meat. She also mentioned that if she's out with some friends for a special occasion she does eat it because she doesn't want to be a party pooper. There's millions of choices that are vegan. I was just wondering whether it was difficult for her and how I can do the same.

  2. itzandy says:

    Ramona~ If the world was about to end and to stop the world from ending you had 2 choices, what would you choose? Heres the options,
    1. Stop eating coconuts
    2. Go to Mondaynus- A planet where everything is boring and you work forever!!!

  3. CSCcascade says:

    hey ramona!
    sooo… what if you want to be a vegan/veggie person but your family eats meat pretty much for every meal. its frustrating to have to make my own dinner when we are having meat. my siblings like to make fun of me when my parents always want me to get my "protein." what should i do? thxxx -your fellow rabbit friend 🙂

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