[NEW] Ice Cream Cake Testing Tuesday 2020

Ice Cream Cake Testing Tuesday

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cake cream
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24 thoughts on “[NEW] Ice Cream Cake Testing Tuesday 2020

  1. The2011tahoe says:

    cheers remo. cheers young blood . boston massachusetts here monday thru friday . this is my favorite part of my weekday is blazing up with you guys . been watching for years now . so thank you for all the content and so many amazing informative videos . youve helped me become the grower i am today . very greatful for your content . cheers and keep up the great work .

  2. WWG 1WGA says:

    Remo, is that your basement suite that is basically your hang out spot when you have friends over and are smoking weed ? I’m assuming the mrs growers area upstairs is a no go zone for smoking weed and having friends over ? I’m only guessing. You guys are so awesome! I just started up growing again legally of course with a 49 plant count, not that I have the space for that many but hey at least I’m not limited to the possibilities, 👍👍👍👍👍

  3. The Age of The Awakening says:

    I'm so high I forgot what strain they are testing Andi was gonna hit Remo up on Instagram ,thinking he's gonna comment right back live from the show right now. And I'm like,,,,wait,,, I'm on the east coast at 8 40 in the morning, Remo is still in bed. This show isn't live. Wow this weed is really good ,,,, @Hashfan75 on IT, Remo is so awesome, he's commented and like my shit before, what a cool dude. Dad of the century

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