[NEW] Chocolate Cake | Jamie Oliver – AD 2020

Chocolate Cake | Jamie Oliver – AD

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This is a paid AD. Everyone needs a simple chocolate cake recipe and this one will guarantee great results in next to no time. Fresh fruit and a chantilly cream sandwiched between light and fluffy sponge and topped with an oozy chocolate sauce. A delicious treat that makes any celebration one to remember.

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25 thoughts on “[NEW] Chocolate Cake | Jamie Oliver – AD 2020

  1. Unicorn girl 2020 says:

    Hi Jamie and everybody else in the world 🌎 of Jamie oliver too awesome 👏 video as always chocolate 🍫 cake butter cocoa powder sugar boiling water 💦 into the magi-mix 3 eggs 🍳 plain flour baking powder whizz it up salt almonds beautiful tin spread it around oven Jake the sauce chocolate 🍫 lovely 😊 unsalted butter icing sugar milk 🥛 make some cream double cream vanilla extract icing sugar under whip the cream fruit 🍉 strawberries 🍓 raspberries sponges cooked cooled down

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