[NEW] Amazing Chocolate Cake 2020

Amazing Chocolate Cake

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My Chocolate Cake is beyond moist, you could LITERALLY leave it out on the counter for several days and it would still be luscious. This is the BEST chocolate cake recipe and garanteed the please all the chocolate cake lovers out there!
The surprise favorite for me on this cake was the cacao nibs. For those of you who have not been exposed to these little delights, they’re pure, unprocessed chocolate aka they’re very crunchy and chocolatey (not sweet at all). They contrast with the buttercream nicely and prevent the cake from being cloying.

Full Recipe:

I’ve made this cake many times and filmed on two separate occasions. So you might notice that I bake a 6 inch cake but decorate an eight inch one. I often love to make a smaller cake make a batch of cupcakes with the extra batter. Just to be clear though the recipe makes 3 nice eight inch cake layers!


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47 thoughts on “[NEW] Amazing Chocolate Cake 2020

  1. Gina Medina says:

    Made this cake yesterday. My husband claimed it to be the best cake I've ever made! ( I'm 62 LOL) It just melts in your mouth, sooo moist. My daughter-in-love wants me to make it for her birthday next month. Thank you for your post.

  2. White Trash says:

    I have made this cake, and only thing i can say is there's so much sugar in this bad boy. I don't know what i was expecting when i saw how much sugar it had, but… Beware, it's not for the people like me who like chocolate cakes to be not-so-sweet

  3. maahi tyagi says:

    I made this cake today, I did half the recipe and cut down a little bit of sugar in the cake.
    it came out GREAT
    I added chopped walnuts to my cake for a little crunchy texture and my oh my, what a beautiful, moist amazing cake it was

  4. J Len says:

    I tried this recipe and was pretty dissapointed with the outcome. Overall the cake did not have a chocolate or fudge flavour and was pretty bland with more of a brownie consistency. The buttercream did not taste nice and I strongly recommend seiving the icing sugar as it clumps the cream which blocks the piping bag. I think the buttercream recipe had too much butter and not enough chocolate as it really just tasted of butter. Maybe using dark chocolate for the buttercream could have helped but 3 sticks of butter was too much and I had so much buttercream left over I threw it all away. Everyone I shared the cake with avoided the buttercream because it tasted horrible. The buttercream also used too much icing sugar which I felt was a little unnecessary.

    The flour butter idea to grease the pan did not work. I recommend just using baking paper as I tried this method and I couldn't get my cake out any of my tins.

    It was too moist to the point the cake would stick to whatever plate I would use to place it on even after it cooled and it was such a struggle to move it around to serve or stack without breaking.

  5. Taniya Sebastian says:

    Hi .. I am Taniya Sebastian. I tried this chocolate recipe today. It was really awesome. So tasty and Moist cake.. my family loved the cake .. thank you so much for the awesome cake. Usually if I try in oven it will be a big flop. It came well..😀

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