[NEW] How To Make A Square Buttercream Cake 2020

How To Make A Square Buttercream Cake

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Making square cakes is hard! This is how I make a square cake with sharp buttercream edges!





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23 thoughts on “[NEW] How To Make A Square Buttercream Cake 2020

  1. IMP3TIGO says:

    Nice tutorial… so much work involved that I may not try it after all though! For people with pull out drawer freezers that preclude freezing cakes, would it be fine to just chill it longer in the fridge (at the lowest temp possible)?

  2. Gary Taylor says:

    Holy cow I Love You just found your channel today!!! dont pay any attention to anyone that says they can do anything better than you because 90% of the time they are just trying to bring down your self esteem don’t avoid doing square cakes either!!!! You’re right about timing but…. you do it beautifully!

  3. Judy Fleming says:

    I have only frosted one square cake (in pastry school) and never want to again, however, I have a theory that there could be a different way that might work and be fairly easy, so I thought I would bounce the idea off of you. In the last couple of years I've begun to see people freeze buttercream roses, decorations, etc. because it makes it easier to work with. Would it be possible to actually freeze squares of buttercream to place on the sides of the cake (after a slightly thicker crumbcoathad been put on ) and then use an exacto knife to actually slice the edges off to make them even and square. You would have four panels (like with fondant, but it would be frozen buttercream). Any small lines from the exacto knife could possibly be buffed out with a viva paper towel. I don't have all the kinks worked out in my head, but just curious what you think about it? By the way…great video..love all your videos and recipes.

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