[NEW] I Tried To Make A $20 Version Of A $150 Cake • Tasty 2020

I Tried To Make A $20 Version Of A $150 Cake • Tasty

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Katie tries to make a $20 version of a $150 cake!

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48 thoughts on “[NEW] I Tried To Make A $20 Version Of A $150 Cake • Tasty 2020

  1. Starry Skies says:

    The only problem I have with this idea, is the expensive cake looks to be filled with candy and stuff, which you’ll actually eat. This one on the other hand, is filled with sprinkles, and no one is going to eat spoonfuls of sprinkles.

  2. mars asmr says:

    reasons why the cake was leaning:
    1. the cakes were not leveled
    2. cream cheese frosting is a soft frosting and not great for super structured cakes
    3. this is a tall cake and therefore wouldve benefited from a cakeboard + dowels
    4. it was probs hot (like she mentioned in the video) which melted the frosting and made it even softer
    hope this helps your future baking endeavours!

  3. skorpia g says:

    Tips- 1) if icing gets goopy put cake and frosting in freezer for about 15 min. Depending on how wet it is.. stir up frosting.. 2) put a wooden skewer down through the layers to keep it level and in place, then crumb coat- freeze. Pull out skewers when completely cold and finish decorating. 3) just use around 2 boxes of white Betty crocker cake mix. Then All you need is eggs/oil for cake ,food coloring, white cream cheese frosting from can , candy/sprinkles and oil.

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