[NEW] Birthday Cake Smoothie Bowl Recipe 2020

Birthday Cake Smoothie Bowl Recipe

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Although it’s not my birthday, it’s someone’s birthday somewhere so whoever you are, this one’s for you. This birthday cake smoothie bowl is as smooth and sweet as it looks and I mean, come on… everything is better with sprinkles. 

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I love birthdays and if I’m being honest, it was the cake pop that inspired this smoothie bowl. The ingredients are clean and simple and as an added bonus, it’s packed with protein from 310 nutrition protein powder. Use “ntnomad” at to get your hands on their DELICIOUS protein powder which is used in this recipe!

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This Birthday Cake smoothie bowl recipe is easy, healthy, super thick and will make you want to celebrate your birthday every day.

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In this video Nicole Renard shows you how to make an easy birthday cake smoothie bowl. This nice cream is healthy and the perfect recipe to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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