[NEW] How to make a Strawberry Cake 2020

How to make a Strawberry Cake

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How to make a Strawberry Cake
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This moist and fluffy strawberry cake might just be the perfect birthday cake! It’s filled with strawberry and lemon buttercream and crowned with dainty strawberries and delicate buttercream roses. I flavored the cake a buttercream with strawberry preserves but you can make a fresh reduction if you have some spare fruit and a few extra minutes. This cake is a TOTAL crowd pleaser so be forewarned, you might need to double or triple the recipe as people will be going in for seconds!
Decorating this cake wasn’t as difficult as you might think! I was a little bold and didn’t crumbcoat it but I do recommend covering and chilling the cake after you assemble it. If you see it leaning then just add a skewer through it like I did before chilling. I loved the way these RED buttercream roses looked but if you’re short on time or piping tips just add a crown of strawberries! You can probably tell but I had an epic summer cold when I filmed this, voice so gravely…
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39 thoughts on “[NEW] How to make a Strawberry Cake 2020

  1. Evolving Beauty says:

    So I made this cake and it was delicious but a bit too dense and just a bit too sweet is there any way to lessen the sugar on the actual cake?? And make it a bit fluffy and less dense?? Why would it be dense?? Help lol thanks for the recipe! I’m exited to try it again

  2. Liz Miller says:

    Your decorating on this cake is beyond beautiful. It’s awe inspiring. You’re truly incredible, really. So happy I found your channel, I’m binge watching your videos and loving every one. Like a breath of fresh air. ⚡️💖⚡️

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