[NEW] 【水果蛋糕 fruits cake】 How to make a fruits cake ?!!! 2020

【水果蛋糕 fruits cake】 How to make a fruits cake ?!!!

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【水果蛋糕 fruits cake】
How to make a fruits cake ?!!!

食材 Ingredients

蛋糕 cake

蛋黃 egg yolks 5
蛋白 egg whites 5
細砂糖 caster sugar 60g
細砂糖 caster sugar 75g
植物油 vegetable oil 80g
牛奶 milk 100ml
麵粉 all purpose flour 150g
香草精 vanilla extract 1tsp
塔塔粉 cream of tartar 1/2 tsp

奶油 cream

植物性鮮奶油 whipping cream 500g
細砂糖 caster sugar 30g

—Baking temperature and time are for reference only—

【溫度 Temperature】
– 預熱+上下火 (60分鐘)160c
– Preheated + upper&bottom heat (60mins) 160c

Serving : 7* 模 pan
#水果蛋糕 #fruitscake #homemade

—台灣古早味蛋糕 Taiwan Castella cake—-

—云石芝士蛋糕 Marble baked cheesecake—

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